NO.1 An application developer notices that a policy that is expected to grant access appears in the
trace, however it is not being applied. In addition an error similar to the following example is logged
to the trace.log file.
Apart from ensuring that the resource owner is subscribing to the correct policy groups and
subscribing the organization to the policy group, what are the correct values to insert into the
A. orgentity_id = -2001 and acpolgrp_id = 0001(ManagementAndAdministrationPolicyGroup) and
orgentity_id = -2001 and acpolgrp_id =10003 (CommonShoppingPolicyGroup)
B. orgentity_id = 2002 and acpolgrp_id = 0001(ManagementAndAdministrationPolicyGroup) and
orgentity_id = 2002 and cpolgrp_id =10003 CommonShoppingPolicyGroup)
C. orgentity_id = 2002 and acpolgrp_id = 0001(ManagementAndAdministrationPolicyGroup)and
orgentity_id = -2001 and cpolgrp_id =10003 CommonShoppingPolicyGroup)
D. orgentity_id = -2001 and acpolgrp_id = 0001(ManagementAndAdministrationPolicyGroup)and
orgentity_id = 2002 and cpolgrp_id =10003 CommonShoppingPolicyGroup)
Answer: B

C8010-725ウェブトレーニング C8010-725虎の巻

NO.2 An application developer has created a Business Object Document (BOD) service module for
the noun ExtendedAddress. What command should the application developer use to add additional
business logic for parsing search expressions?
A. Fetch command
B. InsertMoreData command
C. GetNoun command
D. ProcessNoun command
Answer: C


NO.3 An application developer needs to make a controller command available to AJAX requests.
What must be done?
A. Map the controller command to the AjaxAction in the struts configuration.
B. Change the controller command's mapping to com.ibm.commerce.struts.AjaxRequest.
C. Prefix the command URL in the JSP with AJAX.
D. Change the controller command's mapping to com.ibm.commerce.struts.AjaxService.
Answer: A


NO.4 The default side-by-side integration configuration of IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM
Sterling Order Management supplies a manual adjustment apply policy, FixedReplacement to the
getOrderPrice API. A customer service representative can make a single adjustment against an order
for each of the three adjustment types: LineAdjustment, OrderAdjustment. orShipmentAdjustment.
To support the receipt of more than one order, line, or shipment manual adjustment, the application
developer has to perform a customization.
Which customization is applicable for a Order Level adjustment in IBM WebSphere Commerce?
A. Option C
B. Option A
C. Option D
D. Option B
Answer: D


IBMのC8010-725資格受験料に受かるためにがんばって勉強していれば、JPshikenはあなたにヘルプを与えます。JPshiken が提供したIBMのC8010-725資格受験料は実践の検査に合格したもので、最も良い品質であなたがIBMのC8010-725資格受験料に合格することを保証します。


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