試験科目:IBM AIX Administration V1
問題と解答:全262問 C9010-022 日本語サンプル

>> C9010-022 日本語サンプル


NO.1 A NIM server is used to support different AIX Technology Levels among several clients. Each
technology level is maintained in a separate lpp_source. Which command(s) will display what AIX
fixes are available for several TL levels supported by a NIM server?
A. niminv-o fixget-a targets=lpp_source1,lpp_source2
B. nim -o Ippmgr-a Ippmgr_flags="Isb" lpp_source1, Ipp_source2
C. nim-o cust-a fixes=update_all lpp_source1Jpp_source2
D. nim_update_check-lsumalpp_source1 nim_update_check-lsumalpp_source2
Answer: A

C9010-022明細カテゴリ C9010-022テスト参考書

NO.2 Given the this output of the Iparstat -i' command from an LPAR, which statement is true?
A. There are 8 physical CPUs installed configured into 2 processor pools.
B. The LPAR can automatically use up to 8 physical CPUs.
C. All active CPUs are dedicated to this LPAR.
D. The LPAR can utilize processing capacity from any of the active CPUs.
E. There are 8 active CPUs available for sharing and another 8 active for dedicated use
Answer: D


NO.3 What is the minimum version of AIX that is supported as a Versioned WPAR on an AIX 7.1
A. AIX 5.3 TL12 SP4
B. AIX 6.1 TL3 SP2
C. AIX 5.2 TL10 SP8
D. AIX 5.1 ML8
Answer: A


NO.4 Which of the following statements is true about using crontab and at to execute tasks?
A. User access control for both commands can be managed with .deny files in \var/adm/cron.
B. Commands scheduled with crontab are executed by at.
C. Both commands preserve the current environment, including the user ID and current working
D. Bothcommands can be used to schedule a weekly task to run for a user.
Answer: A


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